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January 18, 2022

New Year’s Resolutions for Career Growth


Looking for practical New Year’s resolutions that have career implications? The past two years have been challenging for many, and you may be on the search for ways to jumpstart your motivation or spark career growth. If you’re ready to chase your next significant goal, the ideas we share here may help you make 2022 a successful one. To keep your resolutions fresh in your mind, be sure to write them down in a journal or display them in a prominent place. You’ll need high-quality office products to start your year off right, and you can find everything you need in the EON Office catalog.

Learn a New Skill

Feeling like your resume could use a little something extra? It’s never too late to learn a new skill. Choose an area of expertise that’s relevant to your career path and sign up for classes or dedicate a few minutes each day to research. There are many options to consider, from “bootcamp” curriculum to online classes from places like Skillshare.

Make a Reading List

We could all use some inspiration or insight from time to time, and putting a few books on your reading list for the New Year is a great strategy for keeping you on an upward trajectory. Your schedule may not allow for much down time, but consider adding at least three books to your list for 2022. Popular choices for personal and/or career growth include these books about leadership, persuasion, and winning ideas.

Set Yourself Up For Punctuality

Whether you’re on the job hunt or simply want to commit to putting your best foot forward, being on time is a habit you’ll want to develop. To ensure that you account for the unexpected, start setting your alarm a few minutes earlier (and commit to getting a full night’s sleep). If you’re known for hitting the snooze button, add a few extra alarms to jumpstart your day.

Commit to Time For Mindfulness

When you’re focused on achieving your goals, it can be challenging to make enough “you” time. We all need time to reset and recharge, so aim for a few minutes of mindfulness each day. This can be done whenever you like, but many find that right before bedtime is ideal. Whether you perform breathing exercises, repeat affirmations, or write in a journal, some quiet time for you to clear your mind will be beneficial.

The start of a New Year is full of promise that many of us find exciting and inspiring. If you’re committed to furthering your career growth this year, the resolutions shared here may help you along your path. Regardless of what this year has in store, you may want to turn over a new leaf with brand-new office supplies. Ready to get started? Browse the EON Office catalog for all your office supply and technology needs. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for assistance.