We’re different from other office supply companies.

EON Office partners with clients throughout the United States to provide superior service, consistent cost savings, and one-stop purchasing solutions for the workplace.

EON provides a comprehensive shopping experience that caters to all customer needs under one roof. Our extensive range includes not only fundamental office supply companies in Denver, Colorado, but also janitorial products, breakroom essentials, printing and signage materials, promotional merchandise, and holistic furniture solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service by assigning a dedicated team of representatives to assist our clients. Our services are further personalized through customized web ordering, efficient delivery options, and tailored billing and reporting systems designed to meet the specific requirements of each organization.

EON supplies organizations of all types, in all industries and sectors, throughout the United States.

Our office supply customers include:

  • National corporate offices
  • Educational and medical facilities
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Local and national government entities
  • Retail and hospitality chains
  • Sports and entertainment venues

In conclusion, EON stands as a one-stop destination providing an expansive array of products and services, meeting diverse needs for organizations across various sectors. Notably, our offerings extend beyond office supplies to encompass janitorial, breakroom, printing, signage, promotional items, and furniture solutions, ensuring a holistic shopping experience.

Our commitment to exceptional service is evident through dedicated representatives, personalized web ordering, efficient delivery, and tailored billing systems. With a wide-ranging clientele, including national corporations, educational institutions, nonprofits, government bodies, businesses of varying sizes, and entertainment venues, EON remains dedicated to serving organizations across the United States.

Client Testimonials

I have been doing business with EON for almost six years, and have yet to find another company like them. They can assist us with all of our office supplies, furniture, signage, clothing, and other special projects that I send their way.

EON is an amazing company to have has a partner: they do what they say and provide a 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee.

Rodney Little, Covius

We have found EON’s customer service to be unmatched, which has established EON as our office supply vendor of choice for over a decade. They have proven themselves trustworthy in providing solid options to meet our business needs, and are reliable in standing behind their products.

Donice Walter, AspenPointe

Please contact us to learn more about how EON can create a custom purchasing program for your organization.