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October 29, 2018

Why a Well-Stocked Breakroom is Important

Well-Stocked Breakroom

A key component of a productive and happy workspace is a modern breakroom. Today’s well-stocked breakroom is not what it used to be: gone are the days of offering only coffee and a handful of unhealthy snacks; in are the days of breakrooms stocked with plenty of good food and drink. Here are five reasons why providing a variety of healthy and filling options can make all the difference:

Increase Employee Productivity

Employees need to take breaks to avoid burning out and losing focus. Experts suggest 15 minute breaks every 75 to 90 minutes. These simple breaks help us to consolidate and retain information, making us far more productive when we are working.

Breakrooms offer a great place to take these short breaks, so long as they’re well appointed.

Give employees options — tea or coffee, hummus or fruit, soup or salad — and they’re more likely to actually take a break and drop in for a snack. Give them fewer options, and they may choose to simply push on with work, hungry and unfocused.

Encourage Employees’ Health and Well-Being

Neglecting healthy options by keeping a sparsely stocked breakroom can help contribute to unhealthy eating habits. A poor diet has been shown to increase employee presenteeism— a term that refers to the unproductive state in which employees are at work but hardly working. Though you cannot control how employees eat outside the office, providing nutritious options in the breakroom can give the incentive to eat healthfully at the office.

This focus on health plays into the overall wellness of the workspace. Such a focus is vital, as studies show that wellness initiatives lower insurance costs for companies and reduce sick days.

Reduce Employee Turnover

A 2017 MetLife survey found that 59% of employees believe health and wellness benefits increase their loyalty to their employersThis is important to note, as satisfied and loyal employees are not only more productive, but are less likely to leave their job for another. An IBM study showed that 40% of employees who quit do so because they are not content with their job. Considering that it generally costs employers 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace them, it’s wise to avoid unnecessary turnover whenever possible. A well-stocked breakroom may seem like a small wellness contribution, but if it creates more happiness and loyalty in employees, it’s paramount toward reducing turnover.

Attract Quality Talent

More and more, job seekers are gauging their interest in a position based on the quality of the office environment. In order to attract the best talent, you need to showcase the benefits of your workspace and convince these potential employees that you offer a pleasant and inviting environment. Offering a variety of food and drink options as they’re interviewing or touring the office may just be the extra nudge they need to take the job. 

Satisfy Visiting Clients or Business Partners

Anytime you have clients or potential business partners visiting your office, you want to make them feel comfortable and taken care of. If you give them a choice of snacks and beverages, they will feel like they’re being catered to. Though a small gesture, it shows important clients and partners that you care about their preferences.

Whether you want happy employees or relaxed clients, a well-stocked breakroom provides a number of benefits at a cost that will surely pay off. At EON, we provide next-day delivery on a wide range of food and beverages so that your breakroom never loses its variety. Contact us today to learn about our offerings.