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September 6, 2018

5 Healthy Office Habits to Promote Productivity

Healthy Office Habits to Promote Productivity

Staying focused all day at work can be a challenge. Whether it’s your cell phone ringing or donuts in the breakroom calling your name, there are always distractions looming. However, balancing work with life doesn’t have to add extra stress to your routine. Here are five healthy office habits that will help you stay productive while you’re at work.

Turn off your phone

Turning your phone off is a great way to boost productivity and lessen stress. If you’re worried about getting a call from a friend, or making plans with a significant other, you’re not focusing on work. In fact, you’re making yourself feel worse. That isn’t to say that you should ignore your phone all day, but instead, limit the time you have access to it. If you take a break to go for a walk, check in to see if you’ve missed anything, or allocate some time for your phone during lunch. But disconnecting for a while is good for both your productivity and your mental health, so here are some tips for cutting down on your phone usage.

Snack mindfully

Oftentimes, offices have a nearly unending supply of snack foods. You may work for a company that has donuts, muffins, bagels, or even beer on a daily basis. But snacking on high-carb foods during the day is a great way to distract yourself and negatively impact your health. These types of foods have a high sugar content, which will make your energy crash during the day. Instead, opt for low-glycemic index options that will help your blood sugar stay stable and keep you focused. Foods high in protein and fiber are also highly recommended as they will keep you full and help your brain function. The easiest way to snack mindfully is to pack your own snacks, but barring that, stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, trail mix, cheese, and less-processed foods.

Keep an ongoing calendar

It’s easy to get distracted at work when you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to be doing. Avoid distractions by delegating your responsibilities in an ongoing calendar or a daily “to-do” list. By keeping an updated calendar, you remove the what-ifs and shoulds of your daily routine and help yourself follow through on necessary tasks. As added benefits, an ongoing calendar will help you improve your time management skills, keep you focused on deadlines, give you opportunities to receive feedback ahead of time, and reduce stress.

Take five-minute walking breaks

Studies have shown how important it is to stay active during the workday, but until recently, the jury has been out about just how much you should be moving. Taking long breaks to get moving helps your health, but distracts you from your work. However, scientists have found that short, five-minute walking breaks are a great way to reap a ton of wellness benefits without lessening your productivity.  By getting up and moving for five minutes, you’ll combat lethargy and health issues, rejuvenate your entire body, and improve your mood. So when you find your attention drifting, take a quick walk around the office. You’ll notice that you feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Take notes

This one applies not only to formal meetings and informal collaborations, but also reminders to yourself and messages to coworkers. When you take notes, you’re doing more than writing down what you think is important–you’re actually rewiring your brain to be more efficient and effective. By engaging in this activity, you learn how to prioritize information, improve your memory, extend your attention span, and become more creative. While it may seem a bit elementary, taking notes will actually help your brain function more smoothly both at work and in your personal life.

By incorporating these five practices into your daily routine at work, you will find that your job performance, mood, and energy will improve. Your work shouldn’t ever be draining; instead, it should help you achieve your goals both at work and at home.

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