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September 4, 2012

Tusky Valley High School

As the winner of a nationwide contest, Tusky Valley High School in Zoarville, Ohio was awarded a $7500 School Lounge Makeover by California Casualty (design and furniture provided by EON).  After meeting with the vibrant and energetic staff at Tusky Valley, their lackluster and dated lounge seemed anything but fitting. The tiny space felt even tinier due to cumbersome vending machines, oversized tables and empty storage. Upon learning of the awarded makeover, the staff had minimal requests: to make the space more cheerful, bright, and modern; and most importantly, to add a Keurig® machine!  An additional workroom across the hall housed their printer and provided additional lounge space when the main lounge became crowded.

With their requests and budget in mind, EON went to work. The makeover resulted in a new, improved space where the exceptional staff can retreat from the hustle and bustle of slamming lockers.

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