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September 26, 2014

Office Trends

Collaborative Spaces

With open plan offices increasing in popularity over the old cubicle style office, workplaces are using office furniture in creative ways to form smaller workspaces without the use of walls. With collaboration and team involvement as the goal, these smaller areas offer private spaces to share ideas while still remaining connected to the larger office. At Gilbert High School EON used comfortable seating and a bright yellow rug create a smaller collaborative area within the teacher’s lounge .

Multi-Use Partitions

Partitions, especially glass, are on trend in many offices. Glass can be frosted to retain privacy while still allowing light to flow through the office. Partitions that can be easily moved and stored are also being used to create temporary spaces that can change with a company’s needs. They come in a variety of materials and colors to enhance the design of any office. Striking accordion style panels like those at Magellan Petroleum are sturdy, versatile, and absorb ambient noise that can become a distraction in an open office.

Cafe Stations

With all this shared space, cafe stations can be used throughout the office to encourage people to interact and take much-needed breaks. The days of the water cooler are over- today, having coffee, tea, and snacks on hand is a great way to boost energy and productivity while connecting with coworkers. With workers having more meals at the office than ever before, stations with Keurig machines or healthy snacks like the fruit pictured here at Similasan are helping to keep people alert and energized throughout the day.

Stay tuned for more Office Trends from EON and see more examples of our modern, efficient interior design here. Our team of experienced designers can show you how to make the best use of your space for a productive, beautiful office.