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Today’s busy office requires peak efficiency in every area, especially in its network of printers. ¬†With toner often comprising up to 15% of an office’s yearly budget, Managed Print Services (MPS) from EON can offer an easy solution to keeping your fleet of printers running smoothly at the lowest cost- leaving your office free to focus on business.


The goal of MPS is to monitor every aspect of your printing network from toner usage to network security. With the power of that knowledge we can lower your printing costs, increase productivity, prevent downtime for repairs, and optimize the operation of your fleet of printers.

How does MPS work? Every office is different, and we provide tailored solutions for every business wishing to streamline their printing network. Generally, specialized software is installed for every printer to analyze use and output cost. That information is used to restructure the network of printers for peak performance. We also monitor toner levels to replenish supplies when they are low as well as providing repair and IT services to quickly resolve printing problems.

To see how Managed Print Services might benefit your business, contact EON and we will discuss the options that are right for you. As a one-stop-shop for every office we can work with different brands and configurations for the best results in every office.

by Laura Doll