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April 28, 2022

Group Activities For a Slow Day at the Office

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We’ve all been there–when the workday is slow, the hours feel like they’re dragging by. If the team is short on work and you’re looking for worthwhile ways to pass the time, group activities can encourage bonding. Team building exercises are especially important if you’re making the shift from managing remote staff, but it can be challenging to find options that are actually fun (and not groan-worthy). Need some inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite ideas that are perfect for diving into during a slow day at the office: 

Host a “Hack” Day 

When you have the rare opportunity to have all hands on deck, it’s the ideal time to host a “hack” day. Whether you need to complete a company-wide objective such as inventory, catch up on documentation, or simply brainstorm ideas to benefit business operations, it’s great to have multiple people on the job. A hack day allows members of different departments to get to know one another and offer perspectives and insights that otherwise may not have been possible. 

Play Board Games

Although it can be tempting to make a slow day productive, sometimes team members just need a break. The past couple of years have been challenging for many, so a chance to kick back and have some lighthearted competition is sure to be appreciated. As an added bonus, playing as a team fosters camaraderie and will have a positive impact on relationships between co-workers. 

Go Off-Campus to an Escape Room Challenge 

Escape room challenges are one of the most popular team-building exercises and many cities offer them. If you happen to be close to an escape room location, it can be fun to go off campus for a change of pace. These challenges typically cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 a person and are limited to about 10 people. If your group is interested in this type of game but there’s not a physical location in your area, an online option may be a creative way to get everyone working together. 

During one of those slow days at the office, consider these group activities for shaking up the routine and helping colleagues strengthen their relationships. Strong teams are critical in the success of a business, which is why it’s important to invest in team building. If you’ve been managing remote staff and are ready to make the transition to an in-person environment, ice breakers will help the team get to know each other. If you’re preparing the office for more traffic, you may want to ensure that the breakroom is well-stocked and ready to serve as the social hub for employees. At EON, our mission is to make the workplace comfortable and efficient. From breakroom essentials to office supplies and beyond, we’ve got it all and are happy to answer any questions you may have.