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May 12, 2022

Tips for Boosting Morale as a Manager

boosting employee morale

Whether your team is still working remotely or has made the transition back into the office, morale is a critical component of maintaining a positive work environment. Employees with high morale often work well with colleagues, are more productive, and are more likely to remain with the company. If you’re a manager, part of your job is to provide the support that team members need to feel satisfied and confident in their roles. When you’re looking for ways to boost employee morale, there are many steps you can take. From big-picture actions like asking for feedback to simple gestures such as providing office coffee service, there’s no shortage of strategies for showing employees how much they matter. Need some inspiration? Here, we share insight into how you can encourage healthy team morale:

Closely Monitor Morale

Most employees are more than happy to provide input about what’s working and what needs improvement in the workplace. To ensure that the team is feeling energized about their work, be sure to schedule regular check-ins with each person individually. Having close relationships with each employee will help you gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics and allow you to take their valuable feedback into account.

Focus on Growth

During your scheduled meetings with team members, do everything you can to focus on growth. Workplace morale often dips when employees feel that there’s no room for growth, and companies that offer opportunities for advancement tend to have better retention rates. To improve your management skills, step into an advocacy role for your team and look for ways to help each individual along their desired career trajectory.

Provide the Tools They Need to Succeed

Whether you’ve been working in management for years or you’ve just stepped into this position, you more than likely recognize how frustrating it is when you don’t have the tools you need. Your employees feel this same frustration when the workplace lacks adequate technology, supplies, or systems. Once you’ve collected employee feedback and have a feel for what needs improvement, you can begin the process of setting the team up for success. Whether the office needs new devices or supplies, more in-depth training, or team building, you’ll notice a difference in morale once necessary changes are in place.

A great manager is invaluable to a company and acts as both a mentor and advocate for their team. If you’re looking for ways to keep team morale high, the tips mentioned here may help you achieve this goal. In addition to building strong relationships with your employees, it’s important to acknowledge hard work with essentials such as breakroom supplies or office coffee service. The EON team has everything you need to keep the breakroom (and supply room) well-stocked, and we’d love to assist you in finding just what you need for a healthy and happy workplace. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.