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Vice President of Furniture Van Young

Photo of Van Young

Van Young is Vice President of Sales for EON’s full-service office furniture division, Environments Denver.

Van Young Professional Experience


For over 25 years, Van Young has guided organizations in cultivating dynamic work environments as Vice President of Sales for Environments Denver, the full-service office furniture division of EON. His journey began at Global Furniture Group, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, where he honed his sales expertise. In 2005, he embarked on a new chapter by joining EON and playing a pivotal role in establishing Environments Denver.


Environments Denver goes beyond mere furniture, offering a comprehensive tapestry of solutions. Their offerings encompass tailored space planning and design services, coupled with a diverse selection of furniture options catered specifically to commercial interiors. Van thrives on the intricate dance of understanding diverse client needs within varying budget constraints. Whether it’s a vibrant start-up, a towering corporation, a bustling healthcare facility, or an inspiring educational institution, he relishes the challenge of crafting effective workspaces that empower each organization’s unique essence.


Van’s long tenure and deep-seated understanding of the industry’s nuances allow him to anticipate and effectively address the challenges clients face. He brings a genuine passion for helping them achieve functional spaces that prioritize ergonomics and well-being, fostering an environment where productivity and inspiration intersect.


Personal Interests


Beyond the professional realm, Van is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He has carved countless memories exploring state highways and winding mountain roads, fueled by a love for the open road. When he’s not traversing breathtaking landscapes, he indulges in his other passion: creating culinary masterpieces on his grill. He delights in preparing delicious dishes from his inventive repertoire, bringing friends and family together through the joy of shared meals.