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Vice President of Sales Jennifer Beam

Photo of Jennifer Beam

Jennifer Beam joined EON in 2010 as the company’s Vice President of Sales.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining EON, Jennifer Beam held a pivotal role at OfficeMax’s business-to-business division for 8 years, where she demonstrated exceptional leadership and sales prowess.

During her tenure, Jennifer was entrusted with overseeing a $40 million territory spread across seven states, showcasing her ability to manage complex operations effectively.

Jennifer’s expertise in cultivating strong client relationships and negotiating lucrative contracts with Fortune 500 companies underscored her strategic acumen and business development skills.

Jennifer started her journey in the office products industry as an Account Executive at Boise Office Products in 2001. Her dedication and success led to rapid career advancement within the organization.

Following the acquisition of Boise Office Products by OfficeMax in 2003, Jennifer’s exemplary performance earned her the role of District Sales Manager, where she played a pivotal role in driving sales and fostering growth.

Client Engagement and Solutions

Jennifer’s tenure at both Boise Office Products and OfficeMax equipped her with the expertise to engage clients across various industries, delivering comprehensive solutions spanning office supplies, furniture, technology, and document services.

Current Role at EON

In her current role at EON, Jennifer continues to leverage her extensive experience to develop sales strategies and provide customized solutions to clients, ensuring a seamless balance of cost-effectiveness and exceptional service quality.

Personal Interests

Beyond her professional achievements, Jennifer finds fulfillment in spending quality time with her family, including her husband, two children, and their cherished Colorado Mountain Dog, Finn.

Passion for Travel and Outdoor Exploration

An avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, Jennifer revels in exploring the beauty of nature, particularly in the serene landscapes of the mountains. Her passion for adventure is complemented by her love for her home state of Connecticut, where she enjoys reconnecting with her roots.