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Purchasing Manager Jeanine Piazza

Photo of Jeanine Piazza

As EON’s Purchasing Manager, Jeanine Piazza oversees the company’s inventory, supply chain, and vendor relationships.

Jeanine Piazza: A Pillar of EON’s Success


Jeanine Piazza embarked on her journey in the office supply industry back in 1985 as a salesperson at Edgewater Office Supply in Denver. Her dedication and expertise led her to Mile High Office Supply in 1987, where she excelled, eventually becoming the Purchasing Manager. Her invaluable contributions continued until 2001, navigating the acquisition by US Office Products.

A Stalwart in EON’s Management


An integral part of EON’s original management team, Jeanine has steered the company’s purchasing operations for over 17 years. Beyond her professional responsibilities, she assumes the unofficial yet vital role of the company’s party planner, orchestrating memorable events and shared meals that foster EON’s vibrant culture.

Life Beyond the Office


Outside the office, Jeanine finds joy in her family and grandchildren, relishing moments with her three lovable rescue dogs. Her interests extend to gardening, scrapbooking, and various crafts. An unwavering supporter of Denver sports, Jeanine actively engages in cheering for her favorite teams, showcasing her loyal fandom.

Jeanine Piazza embodies dedication not only to her professional role but also in curating a harmonious and celebratory atmosphere within EON. Her commitment to both work and life outside it exemplifies a balanced and fulfilled individual.