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Office Administrator Jackie Willems

Photo of Jackie Willems

As Office Administrator, Jackie Willems oversees EON’s accounting and human resources functions, as well as our Customer Service team.

Jackie’s Evolution from Customer Service Representative to Office Administrator

Jackie began her tenure at EON in 2004 as a dedicated Customer Service Representative. Her commitment and collaborative efforts with EON Account Managers were instrumental in delivering tailored services to the diverse client base.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Jackie earned a well-deserved promotion to the role of Customer Service Manager in 2013. Her adeptness in managing customer relations and ensuring high service standards led to another milestone in 2017.

Embracing new challenges, Jackie assumed the broader responsibilities of an Office Administrator. In this expanded role, she collaborates closely with EON’s Customer Service Supervisor, Crystal Johnson, ensuring seamless operations and sustained client satisfaction.

Transition from Restaurant Management to Corporate Excellence

Before embarking on her journey at EON, Jackie exhibited leadership and managerial prowess as the manager of a restaurant in Lakewood, Colorado, where she honed her organizational and team-building skills for five successful years.

Beyond the Office – Jackie’s Passions and Joys

Beyond her professional commitments, Jackie finds joy in altruism, dedicating time to help others and relishing cherished moments with her family. An ardent supporter, she can often be found cheering enthusiastically for her daughter’s soccer team.

Jackie also indulges her love for literature, finding solace in the pages of a well-crafted narrative. Among her favorite authors, John Grisham’s works hold a special place, enriching her leisure hours with gripping stories and compelling characters.

Jackie embodies a holistic approach to life, balancing professional excellence with personal fulfillment, and fostering a rich tapestry of experiences both within and outside the corporate realm.