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May 26, 2015

5 Keys to Work-Life Balance

We live in a society where work is encouraged and extra hours can be a requirement. When life revolves so much around our work, that elusive work-life balance can slip away. Here at EON, we’ve found that happier and more productive employees are those who take steps to balance all departments of life. Here are some tips to achieve a greater feeling of work-life balance.¬†

Embrace the Off-Button

With so much technology and ways to stay plugged into our work after hours, the connectivity can be overwhelming. It’s important to allow our minds a break from thinking about work when we are doing other worthwhile activities. Practices like disabling email on our phones can give us the proper mental break we need before we come into work the next day.

Early Mornings

Sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day for the activities we’d like to engage in outside of work. One way to combat time-crunch is by waking up early to do the things we want to prioritize. Morning workouts are a great way to stay fit and gain a mental edge before the workday begins.

Fun at Home

To have true work-life balance, we should aim to do at least one fun thing when we get home every day. Mixing up our activities at home is important, so that we don’t fall too much into routine. When we allow ourselves to have fun and try new things, it helps to make the most out of our free time.

Integrate Family

Sometimes when we are buried in our work, it’s easy to overlook the most important people in our lives. Even small communications with our loved ones at various points in the day can help bolster our relationships and create balance. By sending a quick text message, for example, we can step outside of our work responsibilities and show others that we care.

Organize and Delegate

Organization at the office is crucial; it allows us to break up work into manageable pieces. It’s also essential to ensure that we are delegating our tasks accordingly. It can be tempting not to ask for help and try to take on more than we can handle, but this strategy can leave us bogged down. Productive people are those who know how to delegate.

Do you have helpful work-life balance tips for us? We would love to hear them!