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January 27, 2015

5 Amazing Apps for Workplace Efficiency

Sure you like your sticky notes, but if you love your smartphone more you may want to download these applications. Here are 5 amazing workplace efficiency apps to boost your efficiency at work. 


evernote App #1: Evernote

Evernote allows you to write every kind of note imaginable, from short reminder lists to lengthy research projects. It is incredibly organized and allows you to access all of your important files on any of your devices. With this cloud-based filing system, any sticky note you can think of can be saved and accessed at any time!

hipchat App #2: HipChat

Are you frequently  interrupted with email at work? HipChat allows you to communicate with your colleagues in private chats, or mass communicate with everyone at the office all at once. No more need to go back and forth with multiple emails. This application is ideal for communicating via many short conversations.

relax app for workplace efficiency App #3: Relax App

Stress can get to anyone at work, and the Relax App does exactly what its name suggests: it helps you relax! With this app, you can listen to relaxing and enjoyable music, and view colorful images to put you into a calmer state of mind. Next time your work papers stack up, give this Relax App a try.

docusign App #4: DocuSign

DocuSign provides a hassle-free way to collect a signature for important documents. It allows you to put your electronic signature on multiple documents at once, and automatically send them back to who needs them. Take the security worry out of having to scan or fax confidential documents.

expensify logo App #5: Expensify

This app is made for everyone who hates doing expense reports. Expensify offers a pain-free way to capture all those pesky receipts, effectively track your time and mileage, and fill out an expense report in seconds.

The best part of these smartphone workplace efficiency apps? They are all free!

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