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October 1, 2019

The Benefits of Introducing Classical Music to Your Office

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Countless scientific studies have analyzed classical music’s effect on performance, memorization, and efficiency, and have found that this music genre has a host of benefits that aid in mental and physical health. While many of these studies find that classical music does indeed help one’s performance, it’s important to implement music in the right time and place, especially in an office setting. Here, we share the best ways to incorporate classical music in a professional setting to boost both productivity and aid efficiency.

How Does Classical Music Promote Productivity?

One of the reasons classical music is thought to aid concentration and productivity is due to its absence of song lyrics. Most songs with lyrics tell a story and convey meaning, and often find themselves lodged in our brains hours after meeting our ears. Classical music, however, can blend into the background while providing subtle benefits. The brain releases dopamine when it hears music, which is the same hormone released when drinking caffeinated beverages. Some theories hold that music wakes the listener up, increasing efficiency. Others find that this melody-induced happiness makes people enjoy their work more, no matter what it is.

Play According to Intention

The genre of classical music encompasses myriad pieces that each have specific tempos, cadence, and tone. Certain works are intense, choppy, and abrupt, and don’t lend themselves to ease of listening. Others may be booming and base heavy, prompting feelings of urgency, courage, or power. This could be beneficial in a sales-based industry or to inspire individual salespeople during meetings and brainstorming sessions. Other pieces contain piano-based melodies that facilitate a relaxed atmosphere. These softer pieces cater to a variety of businesses and can be beneficial to those working in finance or accounting.

Implement Music in Common Areas

When playing music in the office, give staff the option to tune in as they please. Play classical music in common areas like the kitchen, coworking spaces, and breakout zones. If you have an open-plan office, include acoustic paneling and sound hoods to provide quiet zones. If you prefer to give employees the option to listen to music on their own, there are multiple ways to make sure music is accessible throughout the office space. Collaborate with staff members to ensure all are pleased with the audible addition and make changes if applicable.

At EON, we know that a happy office is a productive office. Our office supply services are hassle-free and efficient, meaning you’ll spend less time ordering office supplies, and more time creating a classical music playlist that staff will love. Contact us today for all your office supply needs.