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May 12, 2015

Trends in Textiles and Fabrics

Here at EON, our interior designers have highlighted some current key trends in the textile and fabric design world. They believe that prints and patterns are definitely back on the rise with visual impact being the key theme. On one side there are fluid looking prints, peacock feather patterns, photographic images, graded dip dye designs, text, blurred images, florals and tropical prints.
On the other side, one can see strong geometric designs, 3d patterns, repeated forms, kaleidoscopic images and patterns inspired by cells and molecules. Fabrics are about texture, be it visual or otherwise. Velvet, textures and raw looking weaves are popular and the use of fabric for sofas and upholstery is back. 
Here are a few popular design series. 
The ViewPoints Collection features three scales of design that are rich in color and dimension. 
Crossing Colors by Sheila Hicks showcases three energetic linear patterns and a subtly textual coordinating plan. 
The Naked Nylon V highlight graphic designs that embody positivity, progress, resilience, purity, and nature. 
If you would like to add some fun colors and patterns to your workspace, ask our interior design team for suggestions about how to integrate textiles and fabrics into your office.