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July 23, 2019

Top 5 Breakroom Supplies Mistakes to Avoid

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The breakroom should be a place of respite for your team members. To create a peaceful space that’s well-stocked with everything your employees need to recharge, visualize and plan the area first. Once you have a vision in mind, take the next step of ordering breakroom supplies to help your staff feel at home. To keep the breakroom looking and functioning at its best, be sure to avoid the most common mistakes that often occur after the design process is complete.

Not Enforcing Fridge Rules

The fridge is a shared space that many employees use daily. However, it’s easy for this appliance to become overcrowded with expired or unlabeled items. When the refrigerator isn’t maintained properly, team members may start to avoid the breakroom and seek out other options for rest periods. To keep this area clean and inviting, be sure to set and enforce fridge rules. This can be as simple as posting guidelines in an easily visible area, or sending out an occasional email reminder.

Stocking Only Junk Food

Many modern companies make an effort to keep a well-stocked breakroom. If you’re on the search for breakroom supplies to offer in the kitchen and other common areas, consider health-friendly options such as fresh veggies, berries, and whole-grain granola. Processed foods are an easy and inexpensive choice for breakrooms, but they often leave employees feeling sluggish and unable to put in their best work. To fight late-afternoon drowsiness, make the switch from high-carb, processed foods to nutritionally dense options.

Failing to Maintain the Breakroom

A rest space that’s stocked with healthy foods and comfortable seating will draw a crowd, and may quickly become cluttered. Keeping the breakroom well-maintained should be a group effort, so take steps to ensure that each employee practices proper etiquette. To keep this area neat and tidy, post written reminders in prominent places. This will encourage team members to be mindful about picking up after themselves and will generally promote breakroom upkeep.

Inventory Problems

The job market is competitive, and the best talent will choose employers who offer an excellent work/life balance and company perks. An inviting rest space that offers plentiful snack and beverage choices is a simple way to keep employees satisfied with company culture, but it’s frustrating for all when the breakroom runs out of supplies. Keeping the fridge and snack bar well-stocked is a must, but this requires careful coordination by your office-needs supplier. For best results, choose a supplier that’s responsive and works closely with your administration team to prevent low inventory.

Lack of Comfortable Seating

The breakroom should provide just that: an area that’s ideal for relaxing and taking some time to decompress from a busy day. If this space lacks comfortable seating, employees may avoid this room entirely. If you’d like to encourage team bonding time, focus on making the breakroom as inviting as possible. In addition to classic cafeteria tables and chairs, add some creative options, such as sofas or recliners for folks who just want to kick back for a few minutes.

All workplaces should provide a rest area for team members to enjoy. Comfortable furniture and diverse snack options are a must for shared spaces, but finding the right supplier can be a challenge. If you’d like to create the ideal breakroom for your office, our team at EON can help. We’ll work with you to find the best breakroom supplies for your workplace, as well as additional office supply needs. To learn more about what we offer, please reach out to us.