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May 28, 2019

Tips for Staying Cool in the Office This Summer

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The warm summer weather is quickly approaching, so you may be on the search for ways to stay cool in the office without having to blast the AC. Keeping energy costs low is a priority for a growing number of companies, and especially those with a company culture centered around going green. To ensure that the office remains comfortable and as energy efficient as possible, consider the tips and office supplies we share here:

Close the Blinds

High-quality blinds or curtains are essential office supplies, especially during the hottest months of the year. While natural light can help keep you awake and alert during the workday, leaving the blinds open all day during the summertime will quickly heat up the room. For best results, keep the blinds open during the cool morning hours, but shutter them before noon. This way, you’ll benefit from getting some sunshine while avoiding the most intense rays during the early afternoon. If you find yourself feeling tired due to lack of natural light, take a quick walk break to sharpen your senses.

Dress in Cool Clothing

Traditional office wear usually isn’t the best choice for the summer months. However, you should be able to find comfortable clothing to keep you cool regardless of the dress code at your workplace. Linen is an excellent choice for the warmer seasons, as this material is breathable and moisture wicking. Many clothing stores offer linen button-down shirts, skirts, and even khakis, so browse online for suitable attire. In addition to linen, 100% cotton or jersey are solid options to help keep you cool during the hottest months of the year.

Turn Off Excess Lighting or Switch to LED

The latest LED lighting is long-lasting and doesn’t produce heat, but incandescent light fixtures such as lamps will warm up a small workspace. To save on energy costs and help your office stay as cool as possible, turn off excess lighting or invest in energy-saving LED options.

Keep a Cold Beverage at Your Desk

Staying hydrated will have a positive impact on your health and productivity, as well as help you regulate body temperature. If you’re not already keeping a bottle of water at your desk, the summertime is a great opportunity to start doing so. A cold glass of water, iced tea, or iced coffee will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day and may even boost energy levels. If you don’t have time to prep your favorite beverage in the morning, stock up on portable options and store them in the breakroom fridge for easy access.

Staying cool and comfortable in the office is essential for putting in your best work. If you’re a manager on the search for office supplies to enhance the workplace, our team at EON can help. We offer a plethora of products and services that are crucial for a harmonious and efficient workplace, so please reach out to our team to learn more.