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March 11, 2019

Tips for Refining Your Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral includes distributable materials such as business cards, brochures, newsletters, and other signage. Even in the digital era, marketing collateral remains an essential sales tool. While your web presence is certainly important, print materials are crucial for defining your brand and boosting credibility. Regardless of the types of collateral your brand needs, choosing well-designed, high-quality materials is vital for the success of your business. It can be challenging to create effective marketing materials, so here we share tips for making the most of your company’s collateral.

Define What You’re Selling

Too often, business cards and other marketing materials are too vague to promote customer action. Marketing collateral should clearly define what you’re selling and invite readers to take action. Your company’s mission statement should be apparent from just a glance, so be sure to incorporate your business slogan or keywords that highlight your area(s) of expertise.

Avoid Complicated Language

When it comes to the world of print marketing, simplicity is usually best. Overly complicated language may drive readers away from your materials, so keep copywriting clear and concise. Most marketing collateral is geared toward a broad audience, so you may notice best results when language is inclusive and to the point.

Stick with a Clean Design

Although you’ll want marketing collateral to be distinctive, it’s counterproductive to dress up print materials with decorative fonts and more than just a few colors. Fonts should be clear and easy for most individuals to read, and the color scheme should be limited. Company colors are excellent choices for marketing collateral, and it’s even better if they’re related shades. Opposites on the color wheel are aesthetically pleasing, and different shades of the same hue naturally draw the eye.

Clearly Display Contact Information

After you’ve captured the attention of potential clients with beautifully designed materials, be sure that interested parties can easily contact your team. Effective marketing collateral provides several ways to get in touch, and these details should be clearly displayed in a prominent space on the page. Offering an email address and phone number will allow the customer to choose their preferred method of connecting, and including the link to your website and social media channels encourages continued contact.

Printed marketing materials are an invaluable tool for expanding your customer base and building your brand. When you’re in need of printing services or custom marketing collateral, our team at EON can help. We offer comprehensive solutions for offices of all sizes, so contact us today to place an order or learn more about our products and services.