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June 25, 2019

Tips For A Productive Friday

Tips For A Productive Friday

As the work week begins to wane, so too does our energy to get things done. By the end of the week, we’re tired, and so is everyone else. Escaping the TGIF mentality and powering through will put you in a better headspace Monday morning and give you a better sense of accomplishment when you do head home for the weekend. Here are some tips to help you have a more productive Friday.

Start An Hour Early

Even though you may be tempted to hit the snooze button a few extra times, waking up early and getting a jump start on your Friday is vital to being more productive. By beating everyone to the office, you’ll benefit from the quiet, empty space and be better able to power through to-do items you’ve been putting off. Moreover, consider delaying email replies (unless they are urgent) for the first few hours of the day to maintain focus and momentum.

By eliminating regular business hour interruptions like phone calls, emails, or co-workers stopping by to see what your weekend plans are, you’ll be efficient and effective; a small price to pay for a little less sleep.

Prioritize Activities

If there’s something that needs to be done before the end of the day, do it first thing. Even if it’s a time- consuming, stress-inducing task, your energy levels are highest in the morning, so it’s best to tackle it right away. Leaving it on your to-do list or calendar can increase anxiety and procrastination until it’s the end of the day and you either don’t get it done or end up submitting something less than your best.

The same goes for small projects. Save minor busy work or processing for later in the day. As your energy drops and your eyes look toward the weekend, your mind will be less focused on the task at hand. Complete any menial items you’ve been meaning to get to, like organizing your inbox, cleaning your desk, or ordering office supplies online. A clear workspace and email will help you start Monday off on the right foot.

Schedule Meetings or Networking Events

The TGIF mentality is contagious and you may be more inclined to mingle with co-workers than sit at your desk. Schedule meetings with clients and co-workers to break up the day. Networking with clients or brainstorming with coworkers is still a productive way to spend a Friday and it breaks up the daily routine.

If you’re in a position that requires networking, entertaining, or recruiting, plan for a breakfast or lunch meeting on a Friday. You and your guests will be in higher spirits and more agreeable ahead of the approaching weekend.

Plan and Review the Upcoming Week

To ensure a stress-free Monday, review your calendar for the next week. Double check your task list by Friday’s end in order to prepare for anything forthcoming. Schedule an office supply delivery to ensure organization and productivity in the coming week, or use Friday to schedule meetings and plan the completion of larger projects.

On some weeks, it feels like Friday can’t come quickly enough, and during others, it takes us by surprise. While we’re inclined to kick our feet up, take a long lunch, and catch up with co-workers, Fridays can still be one of the most productive days.

Productivity and organization often go hand in hand. Set your office up for success and a more productive Friday by stocking quality office supplies in advance. If you’re looking for essential office organization tools, our team at EON can help. Utilize EON’s office supply delivery service and outfit the office with quality, efficient office supplies that facilitate organization and productivity. Ordering office supplies online will save you time and money, leaving extra time for you to conquer other tasks. EON can help your employees and coworkers manage their time more efficiently, fostering productive Fridays that make the weekend feel well-deserved.