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June 20, 2018

Tips and Tricks for Holding Efficient and Effective Team Meetings

Team Meetings

Every person who has ever worked in an office has been to a team meeting that dragged – a meeting where one or two people dominated the conversation, where no specific agenda was discussed, or where no decisions or solutions were made. Meetings like that can bring down the entire team and lessen productivity, which is why our team has put together a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your team meetings.

Keep it quick

Meetings need to have a clear aim: know what you are trying to accomplish before setting a time and place. By focusing your meeting on one thing–an upcoming deadline, an employee appreciation event, a client presentation, etc–you’ll keep your team engaged. If there are lots of agenda items that need discussing, pick no more than two or three that are related to discuss at one meeting as opposed to trying to tackle all of them at once.

Hold a standing team meeting

We all know that sitting all day is bad for you, but did you know that holding a standing meeting can actually helpwith productivity? A recent study showed that a standing meeting keeps attendees more engaged and encourages creativity. You can also try incorporating movement into a meeting, like having team members write on a whiteboard or place sticky notes on the wall. By having the staff stand, you will increase the energy of the meeting, which will in turn keep it short and sweet.

Ask employees to close their computers

Most people multitask in meetings. If you want to hold a meeting that is efficient and effective, limit how employees participate. Tell them to leave their laptops at their workstation and to bring a notepad instead. Limiting access to technology also limits access to distractions, which keeps everyone focused on the task at hand.

Keep team meetings small

While it’s tempting to bring the whole team in to discuss an issue or work on a solution together, it’s not necessary or effective. Chances are, some employees will feel like their time would be better served elsewhere. A twenty-person meeting will not be useful for everyone in the room, because not all twenty people will participate or feel engaged. Instead, limit meetings to the necessary stakeholders. If you feel like it’s important that everyone knows what went on in the meeting, instead of requiring everyone’s attendance, make it an open invitation and supply notes to team members afterwards.

Set an agenda and synthesize the information

When you send out an alert for a meeting, let your team members know what the meeting is for and why a meeting is necessary. This gives each member the chance to prepare ahead of time and come with discussion items. Then, take live notes during the meeting and provide takeaways at the end. Synthesizing the information discussed is a great way to keep track of what was decided and what still needs hammering out.

Holding efficient and effective team meetings can be challenging, just like every other aspect of running a business. Thankfully, EON is here to make your job a little easier. We take care of all the little things, from furniture to office supplies to technology, so that you can focus on the big picture. Contact us now to have a trusted partner make your business more efficient.