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January 10, 2013

Think Green in 2013, Part 1

EON helps offices stay environmentally friendly with a large selection of green products and recycling programs.  “Greening” your office will not only help the environment, but potentially save money for you and your company. Here are some ideas for cutting down waste and saving energy in your office, as well as suggestions of eco-friendly products from EON.

Turning off lights you aren’t using is a good start, but replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-saving fluorescent or LED bulbs will help cut down on energy costs as well. You can also set timers or motion sensors on lights, so they will turn off when a room is not in use. Don’t forget natural lighting, either- sunlight is free and great for elevating your mood, so dim your indoor lights when a window is enough. Another solution for taking your lighting further is adding mirrors and reflective surfaces to your workspace. Each reflection will seem to double the amount of light in your workspace.



Havells Spiral Soft White Energy Saving Bulb

SKU: SLT26158

Soft white energy saver uses 75 percent less energy and offers a bulb life of 8,000 hours. Medium base of spiral compact fluorescent bulb fits in the most common light fixtures such as lamps and ceiling recess lighting. 20 watt bulb replaces the average 75 watt bulb. 120 volts.

Glas Path Light


Stylishly and safely light your hallways and never miss a step on stairways with the Glas Path Light. This motion-sensing path light delivers energy-efficient LED technology. The Glas Collection of lights has energy-saving features and practicality at the heart of every design. Light turns on when motion is detected and activates only when dark. Light stays on for 90 seconds after motion stops. LEDs never need replacing. ETL listed.

More Think Green stickies to come! In the meantime, how do you incorporate green thinking into office lighting?