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March 21, 2013

Think Green in 2013, Part 5

EON helps offices stay environmentally friendly with a large selection of green products and recycling programs.  “Greening” your office will not only help the environment, but potentially save money for you and your company. Here are some ideas for cutting down waste and saving energy in your office, as well as suggestions of eco-friendly products from EON.


Did you know that coffee is one of the most chemically treated and expensive to produce food products used in the US? Buying shade-grown coffee prevents tropical deforestation and choosing organic varieties will protect you from exposure to pesticides. A lot of coffee is grown where rainforest has been cut or burned- look for the green Rainforest Alliance Certified stamp on coffee products to be sure.

A little research goes a long way when it comes to making product choices. Companies like Keurig have a policy of social responsibility and their K-Cup packs that may seem wasteful at first glance can be recycled and their contents composted. They also adapt their packaging to have less environmental impact.

When it comes to eating lunch, consider the amount of gas and waste packaging involved in getting takeout or leaving the office for lunch. Bringing lunch to work in reusable containers cuts down on waste and saves you money, and knowing what is in your food can help you make healthier choices. Especially in the case of beverages a reusable cup can cut down on the amount of Styrofoam and plastic that would enter landfills from disposable cups and bottles.

It is always best to buy food and beverages with the least amount of packaging possible. Try unwrapped candies in favor of individually packaged snacks. As with paper, keeping easily accessible and clearly labelled recycle bins for plastic and aluminum in the breakroom can cut down on the environmental impact of your office. Why not have a flip through our Green Catalog to give your break room a quick eco-makeover?


3M Reusable 16.9oz BPA-free Water Bottle


Reusable, water bottles are exclusively designed for use in the 3M Filtrete Water Station (sold separately), a water filtration system. BPA-free bottles are dishwasher-safe and include a leakproof cap. Slim design allows the bottle to fit in most vehicle beverage holders. Each bottle holds up to 16.9 oz. (500 ml). Threaded, multicolored caps let you color-code according to use or individual.

Baumgartens Bamboo Coffee Station Organizer

SKU: BAU10650

Keep your coffee station neat, organized and clean with separate compartments for sugars, creamers, straws and stir sticks. Heavy-duty bamboo construction ensures years of high-volume usage while the sleek bamboo design adds beauty to your breakroom. Coffee Station Organizer offers three shallow compartments and three deep compartments to store your coffee essentials. Earth-friendly bamboo is a sustainable and renewable material.


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