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May 5, 2015

The Pyschology of Color at Work

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today we might be seeing some red, green, and white around the workplace, for the colors of the Mexican flag. Color is a great way to decorate our office spaces, and certain colors affect us in different ways at work. Here are some suggestions about how to integrate colors in various work areas to bring out different effects. 


Red is notorious for being an energy simulator. While a boost of energy at work can certainly be advantageous, red is also known to be distracting and can reduce analytical thinking. Try integrating this color in the break room at work.


Blue is thought to be one of the most universally accepted and overall favorite colors of people. Blue is wonderful for evoking feelings of stability and calmness, and will naturally lead to an increase in productivity. This is a good color to place where a lot of employees will spend time, so try using blue in a common area of the office.


Green, much like blue, is thought to be a very universal color. Green is known as the color of balance, helps promote concentration, and can even spark creativity. A conference or meeting room might be the perfect place for this color as it will get ideas going and everyone will feel right at home.


Yellow is a happy and emotionally stimulating color. However, yellow should be used in moderation as the color is often not very popular, and bright yellow can be unsettling to the eyes. A good place for yellow would be in the office kitchen or bathroom.


Purple is a color of relaxation and can evoke feelings of meditation. Purple is also a color of royalty and sophistication, but like yellow should be used in moderation. A good place for this color would be a waiting room.


Black, white, and grey are all known as neutral colors. They are perfect for blending in the background and balancing other colors. Black, white, and grey should be used to accent primary colors and when used correctly can create a special feeling of emotion and color in the workplace.

If you are unsatisfied with your current office atmosphere, ask our interior design team for suggestions about how to integrate colors into your office. View some of our past projects here.