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June 24, 2020

The Importance of Communication with Remote Workers

remote workers communication

As our new normal continues to evolve in accordance with coronavirus precautions, office life will need to be flexible as well. As some employees continue to work from home, maintaining communication with remote staff is crucial to fostering productivity, efficiency, and forward progress. It’s also advisable to keep their home offices well stocked by ordering office supplies online. The following elements showcase the importance of communication with remote staff.

Set Everyone Up for Success

Depending on the industry, off-premise tasks can vary widely from one business to the next. If workers have been operating remotely since the beginning of quarantine, consider reaffirming the company’s expectations of off-premise employees through a conference call or a real-time video happy hour. When on-boarding new employees or transitioning staff from working out of an office to working at home, front load all pertinent information to avoid turmoil down the road.

Routine Adjustments Can Be Made According to Feedback

Check in with remote employees frequently – as often as once a day. It’s much easier to stay abreast of office issues with staff that are on premise daily. Remote employees are more likely to feel as though they have access to fewer resources than those in an office. Consider scheduling individual conference calls each week with your remote staff members; invite them to ask questions, offer insight, and discuss current struggles that come with the remote working environment.

Keep Team Members Motivated and On Track

Communication via email or telephone can create some lag time between the sharing and assimilating of pertinent information. Regularly communicating with telecommuters ensures that each staff member stays on track and working toward their goal. Work may slow if information is unavailable or if questions take too long to get answered. Create a live chat room for pressing questions and immediate support so remote workers needn’t wait around for help.

Boost Morale of Home Office Employees

Working solo from home can be especially isolating for those used to a bustling office environment. Hold team meetings, video happy hour hang outs, or even socially-distanced outdoor gatherings after work. Encourage remote workers to reach out to one another for engagement, moral support, and collaboration.

Staff is Aware of Company Struggles and Successes

With current events turning on a dime, employees shouldn’t be left in the dark when it comes to company updates. Whether you choose to host a weekly update or issue email memos, consider sharing status updates, future visions, and upcoming changes that are taking place within the business, even if it doesn’t directly affect your employees. An open flow of information builds trust and instills loyalty in staff members, which is especially crucial when they are working remotely.

Clearly and frequently communicating with employees who work remotely is crucial to the success of any organization. During these uncertain times, remote staff will feel assured and confident in their position and company. EON Office is here to assist businesses in ordering office supplies online to keep remote employees well stocked. Contact us today to learn more.