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August 23, 2018

The Importance of Collaboration in The Workplace

Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration in the Workplace

Running a successful company requires the effort and teamwork of everyone involved – from the newest hire to the founder. Collaboration in the workplace is imperative not only for the health of the business, but also for the health and happiness of the workforce. From boosting productivity to mitigating mistakes, here are reasons why encouraging collaboration is the best bet for your company.

Creates a stronger, smarter office culture

The old saying that “no man is an island” holds true for individuals working at a company. By building a culture that favors collaboration and teamwork, you’re building a company that works more effectively and efficiently. Employees who work together on a project are more likely to solve problems before they arise, innovate new methods, and finish the task at hand more quickly, and with better results. A collaborative workplace gives employees the comfort of knowing they can rely on each other while also preventing the “wrong” sort of competition. In essence, it reminds your employees that everyone is working toward the same goal: the success of the company.

Increases efficiency and employee skills

When team members work on projects collaboratively, they are more likely to delegate responsibilities based on strengths in a particular area. This means that less time is spent completing projects, as employees are supporting each other and giving one another space to shine.

This increase in efficiency also gives team members the opportunity to learn from each other. With less time spent on projects overall, more time can be spent sharing knowledge, improving skills, and tackling issues.

For example, say an upcoming project requires the work of six team members. The project lead delegates based on skill set, and each employee knocks their assignment out of the park. When the team reconvenes to review the project, there are fewer areas where change is needed, and more opportunities to teach each member how specific aspects of the assignment came together.

Reduces errors

A person working alone is more likely to let a mistake fall through the cracks than a team working together. Collaboration is an excellent way to ensure that all work is top notch without putting too much pressure on any one employee. In fact, by having individuals work together on a project–no matter how small–you’re encouraging them to develop a keener eye for detail, as well as a more creative approach to an assignment.

Increases employee happiness

Even the least social among us reap the benefits of teamwork because simply being around others boosts wellbeing. When employees collaborate, they become more invested in the company, more connected to the people around them, and more excited about the work they are tasked to accomplish. It lessens the stress for employees who are new, and it engages those who work remotely. Simply put, there is very little (if any) downside to a collaborative workplace environment; rather, it’s the best way to get things done and encourages a vibrant office culture.

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