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November 26, 2018

The Importance of a Properly Stocked Janitorial Room

Stocked Janitorial Room

Of the many considerations required to run an efficient workplace, the stock of a cleaning closet or janitorial room may seem secondary. However, a clean, well-maintained office is a healthy, productive office, and the custodial room is a foundation of cleanliness that should not be ignored. Here’s why a properly stocked janitorial room is vital for your workplace.

Maintain a Clean Office

Cleanliness is vital in the workplace. On the surface, it speaks toward professionalism, and appeals to both visiting clients and prospective employees. Beneath the surface, a lack of cleanliness contributes to an abundance of germs, which can lead to more sick days for employees. If you don’t have adequate supplies to maintain a clean office, you run the risk of allowing harmful bacteria to flourish. This is particularly important during the late fall, winter, and early spring, when cold and flu season is in full swing. 

Remedy Unsafe Conditions

Just like at schools and at home, minor accidents happen in the workplace. Spills are common, especially in breakrooms. When rain or snow is falling, water and mud can get tracked into lobbies. These may seem like minor annoyances, but when left unchecked, this slippery ground can become a legitimate hazard. If you’ve prepared, and have a custodial room stocked with mops and wet floor signs, accidental falls are easily avoided. The last thing you want is an employee or visiting client hurting themselves in your office.

Keep Employees Happy and Productive

Nobody wants to work in a dirty or neglected office. Clean floors, carpets, and countertops must be maintained, and this requires an adequate supply of detergents, cleansers, and tools. Bathrooms must have paper towels, toilet paper, soap, and trash bags. Studies show that 89% of Americans believe that the condition of an office restroom indicates how much a company values its employees. Keeping a good stock of restroom necessities will prevent unfortunate shortages and irritated employees.

When it comes to maintaining a clean workplace, a properly stocked janitorial room can mean the difference between a minor spill and a serious hazard. If you want to ensure that your office is pristine and prepared for every potential accident, trust EON to provide the janitorial supplies you need. Our stock includes all commonly ordered items with next-day delivery and no minimum order size. Should you want a more customized approach, we’re experts in designing an inventory that fits your particular requirements. Contact us today to learn more.