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October 22, 2019

The Elements Of An Excellent Coffee Service

office coffee service | EON Office

Coffee has a storied history throughout the world. It’s one of the world’s most popular products and integral to numerous cultures, societies, and cuisines. Since its introduction to the United States, this caffeinated beverage has carved out a place in our American identity, becoming (to some) a vital part of each day’s routine.

There’s no doubt that coffee gets us up in the morning, keeps us fueled through the day, and gives us a reason to take a short break with coworkers. Providing coffee and nutritious snacks to your office staff is a meaningful way to show employees you care about their health and well-being. A premium office coffee service gives the team something else to look forward to, something ritualistic with which to begin the workday. Coffee is the fuel we run on and an excellent office coffee service can help employees stay motivated and engaged. Here we highlight the elements of a superior coffee service.

Premium Products

EONCafé’s office coffee service includes exceptional products from local and global roasters. Starbucks, Dazbog, Keurig, Seattle’s Best, and Green Mountain Coffee are just a few premium coffee brands you may select from. We also provide tasty teas from Tazo, Celestial Seasonings, and Bigelow for those wanting to skip java for the day. Our flavored coffee beverages from Café Cartago’s Costa Rican line is the perfect afternoon treat on cold winter afternoons.

Additional beverage and food options include soft drinks, bottled water, snacks, and candies to fuel staff and offer a way to escape that dreaded mid-day slump. These amenities assist companies in attracting talented new employees while retaining current ones. A premium coffee service allows employees to save money, gather communally, and partake in one of America’s favorite past times – the coffee break.

Care and Maintenance

In addition to superior beverages and snacks, EONCafé’s office coffee service includes the equipment to brew these delicious pots of coffee and comforting cups of tea. Installation and routine cleaning and maintenance of machines is a part of our service, as is routine stocking of all participating breakrooms. Participating in EONCafé means that staff, clients, and guests receive all the perks of a wonderful coffee service with none of the trouble or mess. If you wish to add products or services to your coffee order, simply contact us to make the desired changes.

On-Time Delivery

Schedule routine deliveries to save your office managers and executive assistants the trouble of placing an order each week. We provide on-time and accurate delivery so you don’t have to fret about late orders or missing supplies. Easily swap our products or sample new ones with EON’s simple online ordering.

EON Office understands that companies are multi-faceted with a variety of wants and needs. We strive to offer a diverse array of products and services to ensure your business runs smoothly. Our office coffee service is hassle-free and brings premium products to your place of work, keeping the kitchen or breakroom supplied and stocked. Contact us to learn more about minimum usage quantities, premium products, and delivery scheduling.