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February 29, 2016

The best ways to organize your desk

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  1. Start with an empty space. Clear everything off your desk. This will make it easier to envision where everything will go.
  2. Revise your file storage. Most papers can be stored electronically. Decide which papers are absolutely necessary to keep, and which ones you can scan in and save on your hard drive. Then put the remaining papers in a cabinet or drawer.
  3. Choose your proximity. What accessories do you use most often? Keep those on your desk. The rest can be managed into a drawer. Try to minimize supplies on your desk. It takes up room and clutters.
  4. Embrace white space. Have an area on your desk that is designated for reviewing and signing documents.
  5. Only keep 3 personal items on your desk to avoid distractions.   Combine photos in a larger frame if need be. This will limit the amount of distractions on your desk.