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May 4, 2021

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Janitorial Supplies

eco-friendly janitorial supplies

The current COVID-19 crisis is forcing businesses to reevaluate how they clean and maintain sanitary working conditions in order to prevent the spread of germs throughout the office space and ensure that staff is provided a healthy working atmosphere. Eco-friendly janitorial supplies allow businesses to promote a green mentality while fostering a clean working environment. Here are some benefits to consider when implementing eco-friendly cleaning products in your workplace.

Cultivate a Safe Working Environment

Depending on your industry, it may be safer to keep cabinets stocked with eco-friendly cleaning supplies instead of standard janitorial items. Daycare centers, schools, pet care facilities, and the like must take special care if using conventional cleaning supplies as they can be toxic if eaten. Risk can be minimized by using eco-friendly, natural cleaners that work just as well, but are less harmful if consumed, spilled, or mixed.

Promote Employee Health and Wellness

Regardless of a business’s size, employees come from all walks of life, so it’s imperative to be sensitive to preferences and health conditions. Breathing in heavily-scented chemical cleaners can be irritating or distracting to certain individuals. Eco-friendly products often skip on synthetic fragrances, opting for notes of natural elements like lavender, sage, or sandalwood. Moreover, natural products may be gentler on the user and are less likely to irritate the skin, eyes, or throat of those with allergies or sensitivities.

Foster Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Air quality can be better protected with the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Their sustainable composition and natural ingredients are gentle on the indoor atmosphere and those who breathe it throughout the workday, potentially improving staff focus and productivity  Eco-friendly products are typically scented with essential oils or natural fragrances and don’t smell as strong as other cleaners.

Be Gentler on Belongings

Eco-friendly cleaners are designed to be easier on the environment from their initial use to their disposal. The cleaning solutions that comprise eco-friendly products are often void of bleach, ammonia, and chlorine, making them kinder to sensitive surfaces. Fabric, wood surfaces, and porous materials may be degraded by frequent use of strong cleaning products.  On the contrary, eco-friendly janitorial supplies help items last longer because they don’t contain strong toxins. They do, however, sanitize and remove grime with natural ingredients.

Become a Steward of the Planet

Purchasing eco-friendly products perpetuates the creation of green supplies. In addition, many eco-friendly supply companies use sustainable manufacturing processes, minimizing their own footprint in the process. When we support these green cleaning companies, we are doing our own part in becoming better stewards of the planet.

Implementing green cleaning supplies in the workplace can help promote a healthier environment. At EON, we specialize in providing companies with superior office products, including eco-friendly janitorial supplies. We understand the importance of being gentle on the earth, so we offer sustainable supplies that promote the betterment of our shared, global community. Contact us today to learn more.