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July 16, 2015

Summertime for the Office

Summer is an amazing time of year; the days are longer, people seem friendlier, and who doesn’t love a little sunshine? Unfortunately, we can’t always take our work with us to the beach and there may be time when we long for the outdoors. Here are some tips to avoid the summertime blues and bring a bit of that summer sunshine to the office. 


Allowing for more flexibility at work during the summer months will lead to a more calming work environment. Helping employees structure hours to make time for enjoying the outdoors is great for morale. We may get so caught up in our work that we forget to use vacation time; now is an excellent time to enjoy some of that as well! Also with the summer heat, it’s a good time to make the dress code a bit more flexible; it’s hard to deal with 95-degree weather in a suit.


Company barbecues in the summer months can be a great tradition and can help break the ice with employees. Firing up the company grill is a great way to get everyone outside to enjoy the nice weather collectively. Indoors, it can be fun to incorporate summer-themed food and drinks around the office. Refreshing drinks like iced tea and lemonade can make such a treat during the day, and can provide a nice break from the typical water cooler.

More of the Outdoors 

The perfect solution to working during the summer is simply to spend more time outdoors! Whether we move that conference meeting outside once a week, or simply enjoy our breaks in the outdoors, it’s important to capitalize on the opportunity to be outside during work hours. If you can’t be outside as much as you’d like, it helps to bring a little bit of summer into the office. Desks can be decorated with beach-themed pictures or knickknacks or anything that will remind us of the amazing summer months we are in.

Does your organization do anything fun and celebratory during the summer? We would love to hear about it!