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June 30, 2022

Summer Team Outings for Denver Businesses

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Summers in Colorado make it easy to plan fun business events, with plenty of outdoor team-building activities to choose from. Professional team events in Denver can range from mellow, project-based socializing in a cool, air-conditioned building to orienteering challenges in the mountains that rely on group communication and a GPS. While you wait for your office supply delivery to arrive, take a moment to plan out your next unforgettable team outing.

Get Creative at Upstairs Circus

If your team likes to get hands-on with their projects, turn them loose at Upstairs Circus. Team members get to pick from the DIY workshop’s project menu, which includes high-quality DIYs such as concrete coasters, wine glass tumblers, wire jewelry, and more. They will get to show off their creativity in a relaxed social environment, then take home a beautiful souvenir of their own making. Just don’t forget to take a group photo with your completed projects at the end!

Volunteer at Food Bank of the Rockies

For a service-based outing, consider signing up your group to volunteer at Food Bank of the Rockies. As the largest food relief organization in the state, Food Bank of the Rockies is well-prepared to accommodate any group, large or small. Your team will work in a warehouse setting for the day, getting a glimpse at what it takes to distribute nearly 2 million meals along the Front Range to those in need every week.

Navigate the Wilderness with CBST Adventures

CBST Adventures specializes in innovative team outings that are built around your goals for the group. Choose between scavenger hunts, games in the park, GPS-based challenges and more for an adventure that will develop leadership skills and improve your team’s ability to work through problems together.

Stretch Your Legs at Denver Botanic Gardens

A summer in Denver isn’t complete until you’ve visited the Denver Botanic Gardens. Choose one of its event venues, such as those at Chatfield Farms, for a customized outing based on your goal for the event. A day in the sunshine, surrounded by beautiful gardens, is a fantastic way to boost morale and strengthen relationships.

Drive Supercars at Oxotic

For car-lovers and adrenaline junkies, Oxotic is a fantastic choice for a team outing this summer. Oxotic  specializes in supercars that you can drive for the day, with options for corporate event spaces and services. Whether you are celebrating a major milestone, hosting a happy hour, or are simply looking for a way to break up a dull meeting, this is a great way to create a memorable experience.

There are countless ways to make the most of a day in Denver with your office-mates, no matter what your goals are for the outing. From office supply delivery to in-house coffee services, EON specializes in supporting your needs in the office, so your team can do what they do best. Contact us today for information on how we can help you create an efficient and fun workspace.