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Standing at desk

HAT height-adjustable benching system

Standing desks and height-adjustable work surfaces have become fixtures in most workplaces, as prolonged sitting has been linked to higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, and other physical and mental health problems. “Sitting is the new smoking” has become a familiar mantra. But can standing more also contribute to weight loss?

A new study is in, and the answer is yes – standing does burn additional calories as compared to sitting. According to Fortune, a six-hour day of standing burns roughly 54 calories.

While 54 calories doesn’t sound like a lot – and it really isn’t as much as one might hope – over time, the calories burned from standing can contribute to weight loss. All else being equal, burning an additional 54 calories a day could help someone lose roughly 22 pounds over a four-year period.

Plus, people who stand at their desk tend to walk around and move more in general, contributing to additional calories burned and better overall health. The goal is not to sit too long continuously, and to stand periodically for at least 30 minutes at a time.

EON and our furniture division, Environments Denver, offer a wide variety of standing desks and adjustable-height workstations to help clients minimize sitting time, while providing the flexibility to sit when needed. Our design team and ergonomic specialists can help you find the best standing solutions for your team.