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July 16, 2020

Should Your Business Have a Virtual Desk?

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Virtual desks help businesses increase their productivity and enable growth, progress, and income generation. In this current climate, many daily tasks and business operations have made the shift from in person to online, giving staff the ability to share information quickly, order office supplies, or monitor product manufacturing. Even though the future landscape is sure to incorporate more online interactions, a virtual desk should be thoughtfully considered before implementation. Here’s how to tell if a virtual desk is right for your company.

What Is A Virtual Desk?

Virtual desk infrastructure (VDI) is the transitioning of an individual desktop to a central server. This server holds all workloads and data, allowing users to access the virtual desk via their own devices. As technology continues to improve, users may access the virtual desk through smartphones, enabling them to work from anywhere. A virtual desk may be hosted with on-premise hardware, via hardware at a data center, or from a cloud service database.

Instant Access From A Mobile Workforce

Does your business employ staff members who work in various locations? If so, VDI could significantly improve employee accessibility and productivity. Consider private sector health inspectors; they are frequently entering grocery stores, restaurants, and bars to perform audits and service calls. Instead of returning to the office to log information, order office supplies, or access past audits, they can update and pull all pertinent information on the spot. This saves time and money for both your business and your client, allowing you to potentially lower your service charge and attract more customers.

Demand-based Industries Require Scalability

Companies that operate seasonally or have dramatic variations in business should consider implementing a VDI. Spikes and drops in product or service demand could require additional working hours, off-site meetings, and ramped-up production. In order to meet demand, companies that experience fluctuations in business should be able to access their database from anywhere, at all times. A virtual desk will improve staff’s performance and ability to complete the job, even when longer working hours or additional tasks are required. Moreover, their work-life balance could improve if companies allow them to occasionally work remotely, as opposed to having a personal schedule driven by a fluctuating busy season.

Easily On-Board New Employees

Businesses that experience high turnover rates or those interested in scaling up rapidly should use a VDI system for on-boarding. Purchasing an entire desk setup, including a monitor, tower, phone, mouse, keyboard, and the like can be costly when onboarding many employees. Instead, consider setting up virtual desk access on personal devices or on a company-supplied laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This also eliminates the need for an IT team to set up, monitor, and fix hardware within the office.

Flexibility For Emergency Situations

If your business still requires staff to be at the office for the majority of the time, a virtual desk can provide accessibility in emergency situations. Consider the current pandemic; many offices had to quickly shift from office desktop stations to remote set ups. Making a swift transition without a virtual desk requires set up in many home offices, greatly taxes the IT team, and can drives office supply costs up significantly.

A virtual desk is a great idea for businesses in transition and wanting to scale up. Considering the current climate, companies may want to move toward more flexible working options by incorporating a VDI. EON Office‘s technology-focused products may help companies better integrate and utilize a VDI system. Our online platform allows clients to easily order office supplies and stay abreast of current trends. Contact us today to learn more.