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July 26, 2022

Should You Offer Fidget Toys for Meetings?

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Remember fidget spinners? They popped up overnight years ago, then disappeared just as quickly. While they were hot, it was just about the only toy that anyone would talk about, with many users claiming that the toys helped improve focus and reduce anxiety. The fidget spinner, cube, and other variations that came later were created to give anxious hands something to focus on, particularly in classrooms. Now, fidget toys are everywhere, sold online as office supplies and children’s toys alike. Should you offer fidget toys for meetings?

Fidget Toys Help With Focus & Anxiety

Small toys with gears, buttons, textures, and movement have been shown to improve concentration in the classroom and workplace. People use them as a way to direct their focus during meetings, reduce bad habits like nail biting, and even help decrease stress. Experts haven’t fully agreed on their efficacy when it comes to those with ADHD and anxiety, but there is plenty of colloquial evidence showing how fidget toy users experience increased focus.

The Downside of Fidget Toys

Although there has been widespread adoption of fidget toys in classrooms and workplaces, some teachers have banned them due to being too distracting. The eye-catching motion of fidget spinners make them potentially attention-grabbing – the opposite of what speakers want from their audience. Additionally, the material plays a factor in how helpful or distracting a toy can be. Heavy metal and clicky plastic mechanisms might help with fidgeting, but can be more hindrance than help.

Best Fidget Toys for Meetings

When determining if fidget toys will work for your meeting, consider factors like the environment, individual personalities, and actual size of the toys. While there are many beautiful, anxiety-reducing products that work great on an office desk or in a waiting room, many are not portable enough to pass around, or they may be too engaging, taking the user’s attention away from the presentation. Stress balls and silly putty are great alternatives to fidget spinners, with soft, pliable materials and a low profile that can be discreetly held in one hand. There are even fidget pens on the market, with soft sliders and spinners that add a level of functionality to the fidget toy concept.

Fidget toys can be a great way to help improve focus during meetings and give attendees a way to direct their energy in a productive way. Plus, they make a great ice breaker! If you’re searching online for office supplies and fidget toys for your next meeting, we can help. Contact us today for information on how we can elevate your office, from office supply delivery to breakroom services.