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July 21, 2015

Returning to Work from Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are a wonderful thing, and are very much needed at certain times. While we value vacation time, the catch-up work that ensues can be even more stressful than the work we missed! Here are some tips to make the vacation transition a little more smooth.

Ease Back In 

While we might think we need to hit the ground running at 100 miles per hour when we return from vacation, this might actually be counterproductive. Chances are we’re still a little jet lagged from our trip, and it’s important not to burn ourselves out right away. Whenever work is feeling overwhelming, we should take plenty of short breaks to keep our brain functioning properly. We can also reach out to our team for help if we have too much responsibility on our plates when we return.

Bring Back a Souvenir 

We assume our vacation ends when we return to work, but it doesn’t exactly have to. By sharing memories and bringing in a souvenir, we can elevate our happiness level. One good trick is to change our computer wallpaper to a picture we took on vacation. This will bring back happy memories and put us in a good state of mind.

Plan Ahead  

This may be the most important step upon our return from vacation. Ideally, we should plan out our return tasks before we take our vacation, but that can certainly be a challenge. At minimum, it’s good to start getting organized for the upcoming post-vacation week a day before returning to work. By doing errands such as grocery shopping in advance, we can free up a lot of time to get ready and come back to work strong!

Do you have any tips for returning from  summer vacation? We would love to hear them!