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September 6, 2022

Tips for Keeping Remote Workers Productive

remote workers productivity

The pandemic may be mostly behind us, but remote work will remain in effect at some level for many of us. The struggle to stay focused while other things jockey for attention remains, regardless of the environment, and perhaps more so at home. Here are a few tips you can share with your remote workers to improve productivity and increase focus.

Clearly Communicate Expectations

The term ‘productive’ can have different meanings depending on the individual. Set weekly, or even daily goals, for employees so they are aware of the metrics they need to meet in order to be productive. Have team or individual meetings in which you discuss expectations and overall goals so employees are aware of how they can best contribute.

Encourage Health and Wellbeing

Despite best efforts, encouraging productivity and engagement will fall flat if your staff is unhealthy, feeling overworked, or lacking a work-life balance. Offer incentives to exercise, eat healthfully and take intentional breaks throughout the day. Consider hosting staff outings (that are outdoors or fitness-focused) a few times a month to bring remote employees together while creating positive habits.

Ensure Employees Feel Heard

If your company culture is one in which employees are able to share their thoughts, concerns, and hopes for the future, productivity and individual input will increase naturally. People want to work together and work hard for something they believe in. They will be more loyal, honest, and dedicated if they believe their company is dedicated to them. Create space via virtual meetings, phone calls, or even quarterly retreats where the staff can come together and participate in activities rooted in conflict resolution, vision casting, and team building.

Gamify Input

Recent studies have shown that gamifying a platform or activity for staff and customers can greatly increase engagement. This will look different depending on your industry, but many companies have created competitions surrounding daily tasks and even installed game-based software that allows employees to earn rewards based on productivity. This can be especially important for remote staff members who may feel like they are unable to attain a promotion or raise because they are not on the premises, making in-person connections and showing their work efforts first-hand on a daily basis.

Create Environments That Reduce Stress

Empower staff to create spaces in their own homes that reduce stress and increase focus. Provide literature on what makes a productive office space and consider offering gift cards to a home accessories store, or hosting a competition for the best-designed home office.

There are plenty of ways to increase productivity for remote workers, but focusing solely on supervision software, keyloggers, and the like won’t help build trust and rapport with your team. Consider shifting away from the overseeing, top-down method of management to collaboration and communication. The more seen and heard your employees feel, the more dedicated to the company they will be.

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