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February 4, 2020

Selecting the Right Promotional Products for Your Office

Selecting the Right Promotional Products for Your Office

It’s crucial for businesses of all sizes to share their brand across multiple channels via multiple methods. Traditional marketing and advertising help target particular audiences based on location or need. However, by putting their logo, name, or social media handle on various office supplies and other products, companies can communicate their brand in a variety of ways to a wide breadth of potential clients. Here’s how to choose which promotional products work best for your company.

Understanding Your Need

Start-up companies have needs that differ from well-established businesses. New companies should consider incorporating promotional products more heavily in their marketing strategies to organically introduce their business to the public. They may benefit from ordering pocket-sized promotional items like writing utensils, USB drives, coffee mugs, or magnets. Interested parties won’t be bogged down with cumbersome items, but instead will interact with these promotional items daily — be it on their desk, refrigerator, or kitchen cabinet.

Larger companies may want to thank current clients or attract new business with promotional products that excite. Investing in branded items may help attract a more upscale clientele. Additionally, giving a thoughtful and useful gift to current clients will help foster professional relationships.

If you’d prefer a low-key way of sharing your company’s name or logo, provide employees and clients with branded gear. Reusable tote bags, water bottles, and sweatshirts come in handy, and the users are likely to take or wear the products around grocery stores, gyms, parks, and hiking trails.

Selecting Your Message

Labeling your promotional products with pertinent information is key to bringing exposure to your brand. For example, companies that need to establish an online presence should include a web address or social media handle. Businesses that already have a solid internet following may try to promote a lesser-known product or service by including a description, contact info, or catchphrase on promotional products.

If you’re trying to grow social media followers, simply display your username, hashtag, or social media link(s) on your promotional products. Want to hype-up an event? Include the time, place, and brief description of your event on branded items. There are many ways to get your message out there with expertly printed promotional products.

Implementing the Perfect Promotional Product

Promotional products can be utilized in a variety of ways. Place them in gift baskets at company events, or provide giveaways at sports tournaments, auctions, or fun runs. Companies will benefit from ordering promotional products that align with their brand.

For instance, tech companies may consider branded iPhone cases, laptop covers, and USB chargers — among other mobile accessories. Healthcare companies may offer clients, employees, and office guests promotional products that communicate their brand with health-conscious messaging. Customize step-counters, yoga mats, running belts, and more to showcase your brand’s logo.

Promotional products allow companies to spend valuable funds on effective advertising campaigns that could provide an exceptional ROI. In addition to traditional marketing strategies, invest in promotional products that spread your brand far and wide. For top notch office supplies, Denver area companies may order from EON. We also partner with companies throughout the U.S. and satisfy their wide variety of office supply needs. We offer 300,000 exceptional promotional products that can be tailored to fit your brand and message. Contact us today to learn more!