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September 15, 2020

PPE Considerations For A Post COVID-19 Workplace

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In addition to modifying office layouts, scheduling, and operations, many organizations are taking measures to require personal protective equipment usage throughout the workplace. With varying regulations and evolving news reports, employers must ensure that workplace safety protocols are implemented and followed. Here are some considerations and tips for utilizing PPE in the workplace.

Provide Information For Proper PPE Usage

Personal protective equipment is only effective when it’s used properly. If employees are not wearing PPE correctly, the safety aspect of these items may be ineffective in protecting against COVID-19 and other transmittable illnesses. Consider hosting trainings that educate individuals on the proper use of personal protection equipment when employees return to the workplace. Provide in-person mask fittings and supply gear that will effectively protect employees.

Educate individuals on how viruses spread, how to sanitize, and how to mitigate the transmission of germs when working in close quarters. Inform staff on the proper usage of eye protection, face shields, and gloves so that PPE products do their intended job.

Establish Protocols For Cleaning And Disposing PPE

Once used, PPE carries the risk of spreading germs. Create a protocol for disposing single-use protective items, like latex gloves, disposable masks, and protective screens. Encourage employees to learn the disposal protocol and take care of each item carefully.

Create a cleaning space where employees may deposit reusable PPE at the end of each day. Consider hiring an external cleaning company or create a chore list that staff can accomplish together. Providing step-by-step instructions for disposing of or cleaning PPE can ensure that safety items are being utilized correctly throughout their respective life cycles.

Implementing Training Programs For Safe Practices

In addition to providing PPE to staff, consider creating workflows and office protocol that facilitate safe practices; daily operations may need to be adjusted to consider social distancing and no-contact interfacing. Provide training so that managers can walk employees through each new step required. Clear communication and training will help your team understand the importance of contributing to a safe working environment.

Stock Additional PPE

To prevent shortages, stock up on additional PPE when available. Create a catalog of in-stock personal protective equipment and inventory new items as they arrive. Allow employees to request specific PPE that may help them feel safer while at work. Place someone in charge of managing, stocking, and ordering these items. Alternatively, set up an automatic delivery for items that are frequently used.

While the return to life as we knew it seems uncertain at this time, many offices and industries are permitting some employees to return to work. In an effort to keep staff and clients safe, provide PPE and teach your team how to use and dispose of equipment. EON Office provides all types of workplace products, and we offer an easy and efficient ordering system to ensure you never run out of essential items. Contact us today to learn more.