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February 1, 2022

Personal Protective Equipment Expectations For 2022 and Beyond

Personal Protective Equipment Expectations For 2022 and Beyond

As your office begins to make plans for 2022 and beyond, it’s time to explore what expectations will be like for personal protective equipment (PPE) in the coming months. Even with upwards of 60% of the country fully vaccinated, PPE in the workplace will still play an important role in many industries. Not sure what’s right for your office? Here, we share insight into how to help your employees stay safe:

Masks to Be Expected in Common Areas

The approach your office takes when it comes to donning masks may depend upon the layout of the building (as well as state and local guidelines). Employees with the privacy of individual offices often choose to remain mask-free when in their own space. Since masks (especially N95s and KN95s) are so effective at preventing the travel of respiratory droplets, your office may want to encourage the use of masks in gathering areas. If possible, keep masks stocked at all times in case team members forget their PPE at home.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizer is one of the most practical and effective forms of PPE in the workplace. Brands containing at least 60% alcohol are highly effective at neutralizing at least 99% of germs that cause illness. Installing hand sanitizing stations in common areas and providing bottles of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at each desk are great steps for office administration teams to take.

Dividers and Sneeze Guards

Regardless of the mask policy that your office implements, dividers and sneeze guards will prove helpful in reducing the transfer of droplets. Dividers and sneeze guards are simple to install, and many are portable for easy transfer. This type of PPE is especially useful in open floor plan offices or in instances when employees may not have access to closed off workspaces. When used with a commercial-grade air filter, dividers have the potential to optimize air quality and keep team members and visitors as safe as possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues its pattern of staggering surges followed by periods of waning cases. If your team is preparing to return to the office, consider stocking up on PPE in the workplace. At EON, we have everything you need to protect your employees. We offer face masks and face shields, hand sanitizer and wipes, commercial-grade air filters, dividers, and so much more. Ready to learn more about how we can help? Please contact our customer service team with any questions you may have. We’d love to help you find what you need.