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April 4, 2018

Office Technology Trends for 2018 (and Beyond)

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Technology is both frustrating and wonderful. It is frustrating because planned obsolescence requires updating tools every couple of years, but wonderful because those updates improve efficiency and design. This year, there is no shortage of brilliant ideas to improve working conditions.

Cloud-based Workspaces

Cloud tech is more streamlined than ever; this technology allows employees to work anywhere, at anytime. The cloud’s flexibility continually shows increases in employee satisfaction, retention, and dedication. Have a conference call scheduled but your staff works remotely? Tools like unified communications platforms allow everyone to join a video or voice call from any location. Simply put, the cloud allows employees to work on the same project, in real time, from anywhere. That’s an incredible ability, and one that will continue to evolve as time goes on.

Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions are on the rise. With AI tech smoothing out its kinks, now is a great time to introduce it to your business. Artificial Intelligence can take some of the hassle out of the workday by automating certain activities or using voice-recognition software. The possibilities are just beginning to take shape.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things brings together all the technology you already have. It synchronizes between any smart device, allowing you to use applications seamlessly. Gone are the days of taking laptops to meetings–now you can sync your project to the tech in the conference room, or download notes from a meeting to your laptop. There is endless opportunity in the Internet of Things, especially as the understanding of this idea develops.

Say Goodbye to Passwords

Credentialing technology has arrived. We already unlock our phones with our fingerprints or our faces, and now that tech is spreading to the workplace. There is no need for multiple passwords when an employee can log in with the press of a finger or a smile. This technology is still relatively new and only a few platforms offer it, but as the year goes on, expect to see availability increase.

Big Data

Big data is the collection of all the information available to a company about itself. It allows you to learn about who you work with, how effectively you work, and how customers interact with your business. The technology has been around for a couple of years, but now there are more practical uses for this knowledge. For example, software will be able to deduce the best meeting times for employees, getting rid of inefficient polling.

The constant evolution of technology means endless opportunities to streamline your business and make work more flexible for your employees. To have any of your other office needs met, contact EON today!