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June 1, 2021

2021 Office Tech Trends

tech trends in office EON

Interested in upgrading the office? Incorporating upgraded technology into the workplace is a perk that employees and visitors alike will appreciate. Here, we share more about the latest technology trends to help you determine what’s right for your office. If you need further insight, our team is here to help you determine the best solutions within our lineup of EON office products and services.

Technology to Promote Social Distancing

Even as more offices reopen their doors, social distancing will remain important in mitigating the spread of disease. Reminding team members and patrons to keep their distance can become challenging, so technology that promotes this will become more common in 2021. Tech such as occupancy sensors and automatic door locks are becoming more prevalent in commercial settings.

Increased Focus on Cybersecurity

As data breaches become more prevalent and sophisticated, cybersecurity is moving up on the priority list for companies of all sizes. Security teams may implement stricter password requirements and encourage employees to utilize protective measures such as password managers and two-factor authentication. These precautions make it easy for employees to generate secure passwords to better protect vital company and customer information. Office-issued devices may be equipped with extra safety precautions, including software geared toward security.

Evolution of Virtual Collaboration Tools

Virtual meeting and collaboration tools have been growing in popularity for years, but there’s no question that the onset of the pandemic has led to widespread use of this software. In 2021, look for these collaboration tools to continue to adapt and evolve to suit the needs of users. According to Forbes, work may become more streamlined by reducing the number of apps we need to communicate and collaborate.

Increased Reliance on Cloud Environments

Remote work has increased the reliance on secure cloud environments. This trend is here to stay, as more offices will likely embrace a hybrid approach to the workplace. With employees coming into the office or working remotely on a rotating schedule, the cloud will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in the workplace. Many companies are striving to deliver cloud solutions to simplify working life for millions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought widespread changes to the office protocol across the globe. As we continue to adapt to the new normal, be on the lookout for emerging technologies and improvements upon existing tech. The 2021 trends mentioned here may help you improve the work environment, but they’re not the only tools necessary to boost productivity and employee happiness. In addition to the latest in office technology, you’ll need to stock the workplace with organizational supplies, PPE, and more. Our team offers a comprehensive set of solutions to meet the needs of businesses of every size. To learn more about our selection of EON office products and services, please contact our team for a consultation.