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May 18, 2023

Wellness in the Workplace: Office Supplies for a Healthy and Happy Team

office supplies for workplace wellness

With an increasing number of U.S. adults reporting symptoms of burnout, managers are on the lookout for ways to promote employee well-being. Although the policies that your company offers to support workers are most important, you can also express appreciation by providing must-have office supplies and accessories. Need some inspiration for what to stock the workplace with or gift to employees? Here we share some of our favorite ideas: 

Insulated Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is critical for a number of functions within the body, including temperature regulation, improving cognition, and delivering nutrients to cells. However, chronic dehydration is more common than you may realize. Once you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, so it’s important to keep sipping water throughout the day. That’s why insulated water bottles make a great welcome gift for new hires or thank you gifts for holidays. We carry several excellent options at EON, including the popular Hydro Flask (and it’s customizable!). 

A Well-Stocked Breakroom

Like staying hydrated, access to healthy foods is also a must for wellness. We’ve all had days that turned out to be too hectic to eat breakfast or pack lunch, and a breakroom stocked with the essentials is a lifesaver on these occasions. If you want to take the guesswork out of ordering for the office, we can help. We stock many best-selling food and beverage items, and be sure to ask us about savings on frequently ordered products!


Although we’re past the days of strict COVID-19 guidelines, you may want to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) in the office for immunocompromised individuals or those who prefer extra protection. PPE goes beyond masks and gloves, and also includes products such as hand sanitizer and plexiglass to prevent droplets from traveling. Regardless of which types of PPE you’re interested in, we have an excellent selection across all categories. 

Ergonomic Accessories

Office workers spend most of their day sitting, which can take a toll on muscle and joint health. If you’re looking for ways to help employees stay comfortable and reduce fatigue on the body, consider investing in ergonomic products for workstations. We love adjustable laptop stands and inserts for office chairs! An adjustable laptop stand can work wonders for the neck by eliminating the need for uncomfortable head positioning. A chair insert can provide extra lumbar support to reduce tension in the back and promote optimal air flow (so be sure to look for a mesh version). 

Promoting wellness in the workplace is more than just showing appreciation for your team–it can also improve productivity and boost employee retention. There are many ways to encourage well-being, including providing high-quality office supplies like the options highlighted above. If you have any questions about placing an order or would like to learn more about our products and services, please contact our customer service team. We’re looking forward to connecting you with the supplies and services you need to help your company and team members flourish.