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November 5, 2019

Top 5 Office Supplies for Every Tech-Forward Business

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Innovation in the workspace comes in many forms, from eye-catching office furniture and design to high-tech electronics, and everything in between. Modern workplace furnishings, décor, and technology work together to foster productivity, efficiency, and forward-thinking. Moreover, advanced office supplies can contribute to a more inventive and successful working environment. Consider incorporating the following office supplies to engage staff, attract clients, and continue the progressive trend in your workplace.

Multi-Device Keyboards

With exponential advances in technology, employees have the means to conduct work across a number of platforms. We are already starting to see a shift from the traditional desktop system to company-provided mobile devices like tablets, notebooks, and laptops. Completing daily work-related tasks on these systems can be made much simpler with the help of multi-device keyboards. These mobile keyboards are adaptable to many devices and connect via Bluetooth. Working on-the-go has never been so simple. Plus, if your company is designed to offer staff a telecommuting option, they can easily transport office supplies to and from, eliminating the need for a separate home office.

Portable Laptop Monitors

We all know how helpful multiple desktop screens are when managing work across several computer software systems. However, until recently the hardware was limiting because large desktop screens were taking up coveted desk space and were not easily transported. Now, portable laptop screens make it possible for laptop users to work off of the same efficient multi-screen system. These easy to use monitors plug directly into the laptop’s hardware and allow the user to drag and drop between both screens. For businesses that offer co-working spaces, break-out zones, or for those wishing to encourage collaborative brainstorming sessions, portable laptop monitors can help. Employees won’t have to sacrifice productivity when working on group projects, conducting out-of-office meetings, or presenting to clients.

Simple Scanning Solutions

Stationary scanners are helpful when staff is in the office, but for the mobile employee, portable, wi-fi enabled scanners are extremely useful. Important documents and contracts can be scanned immediately and then shredded to safeguard information. Additionally, if a client needs something quickly, your team member won’t have to return to the office to employ the help of the scanner. As a bonus, these mobile scanners take up little space and are easy to transport, operate, and maintain.

Acoustic Furnishings

Security and privacy are of increasing concern as information becomes more readily available and accessible. Acoustic paneling and hoods offer clients and staff necessary privacy for phone calls, meetings, and discussions that may include sensitive information. Tech-forward companies need to ensure their clients’ privacy in order to continue successful growth. Acoustic office furnishings offer peace of mind while protecting personal info.

Active Office Furniture

The increased importance placed upon employee health and well-being is a welcome advancement in workplace culture. A majority of our waking hours are spent at the office and in order to improve physical health, it’s crucial that staff enjoy a variety of ergonomic furniture. Sit-to-stand desks, walking desks, and mobile desks help shake up the routine of a desk job. They encourage movement and promote blood flow, so not only does the body benefit, but the mind does too. Chairs that promote better posture decrease back and shoulder aches while ergonomic keyboards and phones reduce neck and wrist strain.

Tech-forward companies often place a lot of value in having advanced equipment, but may overlook simpler office supplies. These items help drive a company forward while ensuring its staff and clients are taken care of. Office furniture and design has the power to inspire through simple tweaks in your standard workplace supply kit. For advanced, innovative office supplies, contact us today.