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May 3, 2012

Office Desk & Workstation Care, Part 1: Fixing a desk drawer

At one time or another, we’ve all faced frustration with a desk drawer. Tricky as they might seem, most drawer issues can be fixed quite easily in just a few steps.  If you are experiencing a sticky drawer, or a drawer that magically keeps sliding back open on its own, or other issues with your office desk storage, try these simple tips for a quick fix:

Desk drawers that will not shut or that roll back open– Typically this is due to the risers on your desk that are out of alignment.  Risers are the small round dials on the legs of the desk that change the height of the work surface.   (These can easily get misaligned if a desk was recently moved).  To adjust, simply turn the riser clockwise or counter clockwise to raise or lower the height of that area or until the drawer will shut on its own.  Be sure to add load to the drawer before you do this.

Fixing a “sticky” desk drawer that is hard to open– This often results from a congested drawer where the contents are catching on either the slider rails or the work surface above it causing a jam.  It can also be from a dent in the guide rail, a failed roller wheel or a detached support rail.  Determining the cause is crucial, and if possible, removing the drawer is the easiest way to find the problem.

How to remove a desk drawer– Most office desk drawers can be removed by doing one of the following (depending on the manufacturer, methods might differ but one should work):

  • Pull the drawer all the way out toward you until it stops.  Holding the outer edge closest to you, slowly pull the drawer up and it should slide out of the rail channels.
  • Pinch Tabs Release- Look for 2 tabs on the drawer rail.  While holding the drawer with both hands, push the tabs inward while pulling toward you, releasing the drawer.
  • Push Tab Release- Look for 2 tabs on the drawer rails.  Instead of pinching these, while holding the drawer with 2 hands, try pushing them either up or down, both in the same direction while pulling toward you, releasing the drawer.

Once the drawer is out, inspect the areas mentioned above and repair or adjust where necessary.

Need more assistance with a tricky desk drawer? Simply contact us and EON’s furniture experts will be happy to assist you!