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October 7, 2014

Office Desk Essentials

With many professionals spending more time at their desks than ever before, having the right assortment of tools and supplies on hand can help you stay comfortable and presentable to peers and clients. Here’s a handy list drawn from offices around the country.


First Aid Kit

A nasty headache or papercut can make it harder to get things done at work, so having a small first aid kit with Tylenol, band-aids, cough drops, and other healthcare items can turn a hard day into a good one. Keeping them together in an organized kit is best, as personal items like these should be stored away and not left to clutter your desk.

Device Chargers

Keeping extra chargers for your phone, laptop, and other devices at work ensures that you are never without power for your important tasks. You might also invest in a portable battery that fits in a desk drawer and can charge multiple devices at once to save space.

Spare Shirt, Lint Roller and Deodorant

These are a no-brainer. Save yourself a trip home when you encounter an unfortunate stain or sweat on a hot day by having an extra shirt and products to keep you refreshed and clean throughout the day.

Moist Towelettes and Hand Sanitizer

You’ve probably noticed that illness spreads quickly through offices during cold and flu season. Protect yourself by keeping your hands and desk clean with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer. Your coworkers will thank you for it!

Snacks and Magazines

If you have clients who visit your desk, it’s a good idea to have some light snacks entertaining reading materials to keep them occupied if they have to wait. They are also useful for you to use yourself when you run into low blood sugar or need an uplifting break but don’t have time to leave your station.

Photos and Personality

A sterile desk can send as much of a negative message as a cluttered one- add some personality to your work area with photos of loved ones and unique items that express who you are. You spend a lot of time at your desk and it can help your focus to feel at home. Just be careful to not go overboard and make your desk a distraction. Keep the photos updated rather than adding to the collection and swap out your desk gadgets when you add new ones. Lastly, be aware of the culture of your office and make sure your work area complies with the atmosphere of the office.

Do you have any tips for essential desk items? We would love to hear your creative solutions to office life.