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January 5, 2016

Office Design Trends for 2016

Time really does fly; 2016 is officially upon us! With the changing of the new year comes the excitement of changes in office design. In 2015, we saw a focus on open work spaces and integrated technology. For 2016, here are some of our predictions about new office design trends.

lounge areas

Hidden Cables

It’s a technology-filled world and electronics surround us at the office. Every device seems to have an accompanying charging cable or wire, and those can lead to a very disorganized look. In 2016, be on the lookout for wires to be more hidden and an overall more clean looking workstation.


Bringing the Outdoors In

Many offices are becoming more modern in style, as well as trending towards bringing the outside indoors to our work areas. With nature in mind, we should look for designs such as vertical gardens, exposed concrete flooring, and reclaimed wood paneling. A more homely feel will  make employees feel comfortable and reduce the urge to get fresh air outside.


Designated Lounge Areas

Collaboration is on the rise, and one way to foster that in 2016 is with designated lounge areas at work. These spaces cater to the open concept and allow maximum comfort and idea sharing between all employees. We often spend so much time at work that it’s imperative for employees to feel comfortable, and innovative lounge areas help make for a more enjoyable office experience.

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