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February 14, 2012

Office décor: Simple ideas to help spruce up your space

You’ve heard it before: we spend a whole lot of time at work. So much of our day, our energy, and our life is spent working, why not spend time making our workspace environment more like a friendly home?  We’ve offered the idea of adding foliage into your office, but there’s no need to stop there.  Here are some quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive ways to dapper up a mundane office.

  • Just add water.  You could choose a small fountain or fish bowl (might want to clear this one with your boss first).  The water would not only add to the atmosphere and décor of your office, but would also serve as a soothing, calming influence while you work.
  • Add a mirror.  Including a mirror or two can really open up what might otherwise be a closed office space. It needn’t be a large mirror, and with all the shapes, sizes and frames to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your office design.
  • Regroup. Organize your existing art and accessories in odd-numbered groupings.  You don’t necessarily need to purchase new art; by simply moving around what is already on your walls and desk, you can create an entirely new feel. Group your art in odd-numbered groupings, such as one, three or five, and it will be more pleasing to the eye.
  • Get new art. Ok, we just told you that you didn’t need to purchase new art, but if you have the means, do it! The new ambiance of your office will be even more spruced up. Or instead of buying new art, you could change up the frames on your current décor for a whole new look.
  • Add a rug. You probably don’t spend much of the day looking at the floor in your office, and you may feel like your space is too small for an area rug.  But adding one will help bring together all of the great improvements you’re making, and make your work space feel much more cozy and homey.  We all love rugs in our homes; why not in our offices, too?
  • Organize! Choose great organizational items. Find a style that fits you, with functionality that keeps your space uncluttered and attractive.  New desk accessories can be very inexpensive and make a huge difference in the feel and appearance of your environment.  Aesthetics and productivity, all rolled into one!

Hopefully these tips provide a starting point for a whole new look to your workspace. Did you do something different to change things up? Let us know!