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September 28, 2017

Office Commuters Rejoice: Waze the Map App is Revolutionary!

Cars on highway in traffic jam

For those office workers who do the daily commute grind, this one is for you. We once though it was unimaginable that there could be a better map app than Google Maps.  Surely this was as cutting-edge as technology could get, that finally they could reverse-position pinging cell phones onto a topographical map with measured speeds to indicate if there were traffic jams ahead. Not to mention the ability to speak an address into your phone and Google magically taking you there, and routing stops along the way.   This was technology at its finest, creating true efficiency that was tangible.  Map apps were so appealing that MapQuest and Apple jumped on board with their own versions.

Then we discovered Waze. This app is by far the most cutting-edge and accurate map app we’ve ever used. It’s not like other map apps, which use automation and robotics and pinging cell phones to track speed and traffic. Waze is like the Great Barrier Reef of apps: it’s massive and it’s alive, providing information in real-time with active users logged on while driving, working together to report traffic jams, police traps, accidents, road hazards and more.  See below, and download Waze now, if you want to avoid all the common pitfalls of commuting!

Waze Traffic Cop buster



Directions? You betcha. Not only that, but when you type in your destination, it will tell you if there are any speed traps waiting for you along the way. It also includes things like road hazards, or anything else you need to worry about. If anything takes place while you are en route (like a new accident), Waze will tell you in real-time and re-route you automatically with a faster way to get there.








As you are traveling, the app will also show you all of the other “Wazers” on the road traveling with you, and how fast they are going. If you prefer anonymity, there is an option to go “invisible” in the settings. When you log on, Wazewill tell you how many other users are logged on around you.








Not only will these items alert you, but you can also mark them to help out your fellow Wazer community. You can even find the best deal on gas prices! And you can thank Wazers who reported cops and hazards, and they can thank you as well when you save them.






Have an important presentation or interview you don’t want to be late for? You can use the “planned drive” feature by entering your destination and the time you want to be there. It will use all historical data and tell you exactly when you need to leave to arrive there on time.









Planning to have a caravan road trip with friends, or have a friend follow you to a destination? Use the “My Friends” feature, which will mark a group of users on the map so everyone can see each other.  Nobody will be lost along the way or left behind.




While using Waze, you can listen to music or the radio and Waze will only interrupt if there is a hazard or you need to make a turn. You can even make Waze yell at you when you exceed posted speed limits. Give this app a try – you won’t regret it.